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This tea is all about feeling good in your skin. This tea inspires feeling fun, flirty, and confident in self-love. Hand-blended with damiana, this blend can help you feel sexy and boost libido. The passion flower can give calm confidence and rose hips can be a great help for hair, skin, and nails. The aroma floats you on a bed of roses to a more loving heart space. One of our favorite blends! 


In addition, this tea is nice for those working on bringing balance to the heart chakra.  For additional heart-opening focus, pair this tea with our Ceremonial Grade Cacao. It is incredibly loving and delicious!


  • Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Tea, Hand-Crafted with Care

    • Organic Rose Petals (Rosa spp.)
    • Seedless Rose Hips (Rosa canina)
    • Damiana (Turnera diffusa)
    • Passionflower leaves (Passiflora incarnata)

    This blend is caffeine-free.

    Set your intention. Pour 8-12 oz of boiling water over 1 tsp. of tea. Steep for 5 -10 minutes. Enjoy!

  • Because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, we do not accept returns. However, please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

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