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Healing Therapy


This is the basis for everything we do at Driftwood Dragonfly. From utilizing dehydrated leaves, flowers, roots, bark, and mushrooms for herbal remedies to the art work on the wall, it is all about connecting to the medicine of nature. We offer many classes and events around making art, utilizing nature's gifts, and healing from the inside out with ancient practices such as Reiki, Sound, and Meditation.

Our experienced staff are here to assist you with any questions you might have. 


Michelle opened Driftwood Dragonfly in May 2021. She is an Earth Medicine Woman, Reiki Master, Herbalist, Yoga Teacher, and Artist. She has been practicing shamanism - The Old Ways - the traditions and wisdom of many indigenous practices in its various cultural forms since the early 2000s.


She has a Bachelor of Studio Arts with double minors in Biology and Art History from Athens State University. She has received certifications through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Otter Dance School of Medicine, Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, and International Center for Reiki Training. She is a Usui Reiki Master practitioner and teacher. She has spent countless hours studying plant medicine and natural ways of healing. She continues to attend workshops and trainings as a life long love to learn student.


"I feel my greatest training and experience has come from surrounding myself with amazing students, teachers, practitioners, and Medicine People who share wisdom and continue to encourage and challenge me to grow in my self practice."

She has been teaching holistic wellness and energetic healing since 2008 and devoted several thousands of hours of energetic healing treatment to hundreds of clients. She is passionate about nurturing the process of personal healing and bringing these ancient healing techniques to those seeking clarity, guidance, and a holistic approach to health and wellness. 


"In my sessions, I help you uncover and clear what may be blocking your way to the joyful life you deserve. I hold a calm, grounded space and aid you in aligning with your inner essence and your divine path through one-on-one energy work and guidance."

Michelle opened Driftwood Dragonfly at the end of May 2021 to have a home for community building of like minded individuals passionate about Earth's medicines. The main stars of the shop are the teas and herbs you can get loose leaf or served hot or cold. There is a wide selection of stones and crystals and many natural healing remedies such as live plants, singing bowls, essential oils, and elixirs. You will also find a nice of selection of handmade nature based art, jewelry, candles, and other fun gifts. 

"There is something so magical to me about making up a special blend of nature and serving it in a cup! I love it so much! My hope is that you feel a sense of peace when you walk in the door, enjoy a little Calm the Elf Down, connect with a special rock, and give me a big smile!"


I knew from an early age that I needed and wanted to help people in some way. That want and need led me down many different paths until a move to Washington State in 2004. I started attending Ashmead College and fell in love with massage therapy and all of the practices and modalities that came with that learning, including various forms of Yoga.

After a move to Alabama many years later and with my children older and in school, I decided to get back into school and back into my practice of massage and attended Madison School of Massage Therapy. Since graduating and receiving my Alabama State license I also decided to get my Tennessee State licensure as well so I could serve clients across the border, too.

I have a very holistic approach to massage and bodywork. My skills are progressive and I continue to delve deeper into all aspects of different therapies and modalities.

Massage therapy is life to me and I hope you will feel that in my energy and practice!



Hardy, heart-felt greetings to one and all! My name is Trey Brown. I‘m a Husband, Father and humble traveler walking the path of energetic healing arts to assist others on their personal
physical, emotional and Spiritual journeys of healing and illumination.


I’m ever at your assistance, specializing in Energetic Healing arts / Reiki. Please contact me here at Driftwood Dragonfly.
Thanks for your time and blessings unto you as you venture further forth on your life-journey!


I’m an intuitive spiritualist. My desire is to assist you in the Remembering of your identity and purpose in this life. Some of the tools I use are the Tarot| Angel oracle cards and beautiful,  resonant Crystals. These tools bring clarity, comfort and consciousness to support All on our lives’ healing journeys. I look forward to meeting you for a fun and informative Crystal class, or helping you to further understand your path through a loving and uplifting card reading!

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