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"I don't like tea!"

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

I hear this quit a bit. I always want to reply, yeah I don't like that kind either.

“Over steeping and using water that is too hot makes tea leaves turn bitter. Allow the boiling water to cool down to around 185-165 degrees and steep about 3.5 minutes."

I've never really been a fan of southern sweet tea. Growing up in the deep south, it was a staple in the fridge and every family get together there were gallons of it on the counter. Everyone always said that my mom made the best "sweee'tea." It was because she over steeped 12 bags of Lipton and used 2-3 cups of sugar in every gallon. I don't like McDonalds sweet tea or Milo's or any of the other popular sweet teas I grew up with. Sooo, every time I'm selling my teas and I hear "I don't like tea!" with a scowl on their face, I think perhaps they would change their mind about tea if they gave my teas a chance. I didn't like tea either until I gave other teas a swirl. We call any steeped herb or tea leaf tea. Even nutritional stores that use powdered craziness with dyes and fake sugar and a list of words you can't pronounce call that tea. How can we truly say we don't like tea if we haven't tried all the options? That statement is too broad. There are so many to try! Most of the teas I blend don't even have tea leaves in them. They are made up of dried fruit, herbal flower petals, leaves, bark, and roots. Teas of nature are so delicious and are closer to the foods and seasonings we are already eating.

In another post, I have explained the difference between all the different tea leaves (green, white, and black). Most commercial teas are made with Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut Black Tea. There are many different kinds of black tea, but overall black tea is my least favorite. I love white and green tea when it is steeped properly. Over steeping and using water that is too hot makes the leaves turn bitter. Allow the boiling water to cool down to around 185 -165 degrees and steep about 3.5 minutes. Makes all the difference! My organic strawberry green tea is delicious! It is dehydrated strawberries with green tea leaves. It is light and refreshing hot or cold and good for you. Even my hard to please non-tea drinkers, as well as, my southern sweet tea enthusiast love this tea.

For you southern sweet tea lovers, we have just the tea for you, AND my I don't like tea! comrades, I challenge you to try. My House Special Tea has a similar taste profile as a black tea but much tastier and healthier. I use organic roasted yerba mate leaves with a splash of vanilla. This bold herbal tea gives you the energy boost of black tea and the wellness perks of green tea - but it's something completely original. Yerba Mate has less caffeine than coffee, but more than other teas, so it's a natural pick-me-up. It also contains even more antioxidants than green tea. It has a delicious, full-bodied, nutty flavor with smooth chocolatey notes and subtle caramel tones. Yerba Maté provides antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, and B vitamins. It is tradition in South America to drink this cherished tea from a special container with a shared straw. This ritual symbolizes friendship and acceptance. How perfect to be our House Special! Here at Driftwood Dragonfly, we extend our friendship and acceptance in every cup, whether you like tea or not. There's always coffee!

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